23 November, 2009

For Karen

Last Wednesday night, our friend Karen suddenly passed away.  It appeared that Karen, who was in her early forties, died from multiple causes due to a benign tumour inside her uterus which had grown to the size a melon.

She was loved by many people all over the world and always had a positive outlook on life.  I worked with her for the past 2 months, developing new teaching ideas and she shared with me a video by Taylor Mali who, along with being a teacher is also a Def Poet.  His words inspired her to continue teaching and making the world a better place.

Her favourite video is below.

16 November, 2009

A little more about me

I thought I'd better let you know a little more about me for contextual purposes.

What's so bad about being a Jack of All Trades?

I've often heard the saying "Jack of All Trades, Master of None" and have been wondering whether it is in fact a useful expression in today's society.

I like to consider myself to be a "Jack of All Trades", being very interested in Music, Science, Art and Languages, and believe this to be a good reason for how enjoyable my life has been so far.  I think that an appreciation of all things builds a better person.

But what about the "Master of None" part?

13 November, 2009


Welcome to my Blog.

I decided to start this for many reasons. They came after I made a few resolutions to better myself:
1. To learn as much as I can.
2. To help as many people as I can.
3. To find the truth.
4. To defy evil in all its forms.

So this blog hopes to celebrate things which I think are good, fun and particularly interesting and also show up areas which we should all work together to change for the better.

I'll probably come along with many more reasons for this blog and more of my own resolutions to better myself and the world.
I think that if I can keep my life going along this path and document it as much as possible then things might just turn out OK. Call me foolish, but I think I can make a difference (somehow).