11 December, 2009

On Participation(ism)

After reading this piece on engaging with Libel Reform by the excellent legal blogger, Jack of Kent, it has reaffirmed my desire to beat out apathy.

I followed Jack's advice and I wrote a letter to my MP for the first time.  It was quick and painless and very easy which is understandable in this time of e-everything.  So why don't more people do it?

For most people the phrase "I can't be bothered" would probably sum up their intentions.  But if everyone feels that way then how can we even begin to make a difference?

I believe strongly that we become better as humans by participating in whatever way we can.

In the same vein as the word denialism, I'd like to make a new meaning to the also new word, participationism, which currently has some obscure artistic genre attached to it, and let it be known as the movement to get involved in whatever activities befit us.

I'd also like to be labelled as more than just a participant because I make it my goal to try many different activities and get involved wherever I can.  Be it volunteering, writing emails, saying "Yes", or simply going out with your friends, I think you should definitely do it.

Right now, my current company likes to use the quote by George Bernard Shaw, "Activity is the only road to knowledge" and I tend to agree.  These benefits aren't limited to just personal development, but rather I believe the attitude benefits society as a whole.

Hopefully, even by writing this entry, I can say...

I am a participationist.

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