20 July, 2010


I have been thinking recently about the way people react to daunting challenges.  Normally people would look at something incredibly difficult and shut down before even attempting to understand it.  I would like to encourage more people to try difficult things.

I hope that people would be able to look at something incredibly complex and attempt to understand it instead of just taking it for granted.  Also I hope that people would do some more research into stories they hear so that they could form their own opinions.

Some recent example can be found in the difficult situations faced by doctors and scientists who face libel cases brought on by their questioning of big corporations.  I recommend the Blogs of Bad Science by Ben Goldacre and Jack of Kent by Allen Green, both of whom report excellently on the misrepresentation on science and law respectively in a remarkably accessible way.

I would like to advocate their desire to research a story.  I'd like to emulate their passion in my work and hope to write more on their work too.

There are a few more ideas that are springing up from this which I want to elaborate on but I will save them for now.

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