21 October, 2010

My Own Challenges

As a resident in Japan, there is a clear challenge for me to overcome with the language.  However, since I work as an English Trainer for a Japanese engineering firm, there is actually very little opportunity to stretch my Japanese abilities.  After three years here, I thought I would be slightly better than I am currently.

So I looked at my work to see what I should be doing.

For my participants in Canada I gave a project to meet and have a conversation with 100 new people.  I had always thought that this challenge would be very easy if I were ever to try it myself.

How wrong could I be?

There is a lot to be said to actually doing the thing that you are supposed to be supporting.  The difference in perspective is incredibly useful.

So, how am I faring against some of my previous members?

Well I started the challenge three weeks ago and have only met five people so far.  One of my guys had almost completed his project in that time.

I think I should now go and eat a hat!

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